Continuing Along Virtual Paths

Hello readers! TJ Ferrill here, with the Marriott Library’s Creative Spaces unit. We continue to see new releases in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality landscapes, with further developments on the horizon. In my previous post, I went over some details about what we’re planning with our VR checkout program, which is still in the works. A major challenge in providing new Library services is in developing effective safety practices and checkout procedures to ensure all of our users are able to have successful interactions with the service. Because the equipment is so new, we’re making sure to go slowly and learn alongside our users. Our latest equipment additions include the Oculus Touch hand-tracking controllers, which create a new level of interactivity with VR content.
We have seen a lot of interest from students, faculty, and researchers about how to integrate this new technology into curriculum. While there are the obvious cases of VR game development, human physiology, and geology, we are excited to hear from you about how you might incorporate virtual and augmented reality into your own projects. I hope you’ll come check out the latest software and hardware offerings, and discuss how we can work together. The Marriott Library is committed to creating opportunities for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Utah to engage with virtual reality technologies through our weekly VR workshops, held Thursdays from 2-3pm and Fridays at our Makerspace from 10am to 2pm. Stop by any of our activities to learn how you can get involved.
Here’s a video made by our outreach team where I talk about the vision behind our VR program. Enjoy!
T.J. Ferrill
Assistant Head, Creative Spaces
Creativity & Innovation Services
J. Willard Marriott Library
Office: 801-587-2930

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